Integrated Energy Session (IES)


Restore balance, clarity, and vitality with a combination of several energy therapies. This subtle yet deeply rejuvinating form of bodywork supports a wide range of mental, emotional, and physical dysfunction/disturbances. It is done fully clothed.

Sessions can include but aren't limited to: Stretching, sound therapy, cellular memory clearing, chromotherapy, channeling, quartz crystal work, inner child/teen/wounded adult work.



3 or 6 sessions to take advantage of the lowest prices and to reserve your favorite appointment times.



60 minutes  $213 (3),  $414 (6) 

 90 minutes  $270 (3),  $528 (6)


60 minutes  $243 (3),  $474 (6) 

 90 minutes  $315 (3),  $618 (6)


 90 minutes  $285 (3),  $564 (6)

*Payment due at first scheduled appointment unless paying with Venmo App (CrystalRenewal)

Receive $10
Credit For Referrals!
It is such an honor to be a part of your wellness and health.The highest compliment I receive is when you recommend me to your friends and family. To thank you for your referrals, I will take $10 off one of your future appointments.
Thank You!

I value your safety and the quality of  your treatment.

My space is one of empowerment, and I deeply value bodily autonomy. Although I am the practitioner, I want you to leave with what you came in for so feel free to exercise that throat chakra and ask for what you need. :)

 Current Payment Options:

Venmo App (CrystalRenewal)

Personal Check




Please indicate which enchancement you'd like on the checkout page where it asks if you want to add additional info. Can also be added when you come in, but please understand it takes time to prep some of these additions so a notice is appreciated. Thank You.

***Complimentary upon request ***
Warm eye mask
Pillows for extra comfort

CBD Oil 15mg/$5/$13
Essential Oil....+$5
Magnesium Foot Soak....+$10
Floral+Magnesium  Foot Soak....+$15
Synergy Stones (Back Only)....+$15
Myofascial Cupping (3 cups)....+$15
*Can be added on specific areas e.g. feet only, back only, etc.
Suga' Herb Foot Scrub....+$25
Suga' Herb Back Scub....+$35
Steam Towel Compresses.....+$30
Steam Towel Compresses+Essential Oils (several to choose from)....+$40
*Arms, front/back of legs, full back, and feet.